Skydiver, nature enthusiast, band member, hand letterer and full stack designer. Producing at the intersection of minimalism and function to craft experiences both online and in real life. I sometimes make random things with friends. I’m Kayla Bailey, and this is my story.

Being an interior designer by day and being a party hunter at night is one thing that makes me survive through the jungle of life. The good thing is that I get tonnes of design ideas just by hanging out with my friends, my friend’s friends and much more.

When I’m down, the only thing I seek is chocolate. My craving for this aphrodisiac can beat everything you could imagine. So, send me a box of the best chocolate if you want to catch my attention and I’ll put you on the top priority (Imagining someone gives me some chocolates is enough to make me drool by the way).

I realise that being a designer means that I should dedicate myself to the world of creativity. It only means that I must always have an open mind and ready to grasp new seeds of ideas (which sometimes can be quite awkward at the beginning).

In the middle of my busy days, I always try to spend some time to keep this blog alive with new ideas, mumbling of the day, or whatever that come up in my head. The most important thing is that I wish my blog can be useful for everyone. So, enjoy the blog and send me a feedback about it.